Eat, Sleep, Eat … or something.

caroline1.jpg Hello! My name is Caroline Shannon.

Once upon a time in a land far far away, I was a runner. I was a health enthusiast and a positive thinker. I was a writer, a vegetable eater, a confident woman . . .

I was pretty dang cool.

I am not sure where my will to roll out of bed when it was still dark or my need to feel my hands on a keyboard were lost, but I think I have a few ideas. Thus, here follows the chain of events that lead to me eating cheese in excess and only using my yoga mat as padding under a sleeping bag when my younger brothers sleep over:

1.) I stopped pursuing my passion, writing. I left my position as a news reporter and took a desk job that I thought would help me make a bit more money. I thought the extra cash would then make me feel more secure when pursuing a full time freelance writing position. It sounded practical, but it turned out awfully. Turns out my desk job is extremely boring — for me — and unmotivating.

Who woulda thunk it.

2.) My counting down the minutes (milliseconds, nanoseconds!) until I have squeezed in enough hours to make a buck has caused me to go home and . . . uh . . . sit on my ass. My excuse is that I need to do mindless things, like watch The Hills, to take away the edge left over from the work day. The real reason that I needed to engage in such “activities” is because doing something like exercising or writing would cause me to think too much. And that would be painful.

3.) Sitting apparently requires eating, and I am not talking tofu and brown rice here, people.

My favorite strawberry print pj’s + a few episodes of good ol’ MTV =french vanilla ice cream with a dash of chocolate gelato, raviolis with meat sauce and an entire bag of holiday (Any holiday! Christopher Columbus Day!) candy.

4.) I have stopped running which, next to writing, is a huge part of my life. This could be due to my drugging myself with sugar before I go to bed, ergo diminishing my want to get up in the morning and exercise; or it could be a result of the fact that I am saving whatever scraps of motivation I have left in my soul to use during the work day.

One may never know.

What I have figured out, however, is that my lifestyle has become unacceptable. My life is begging me to engage in a complete overhaul.

And I am gonna listen this time.

This is not some wacky New Year’s resolution that I am going to forget about the next time I am head-to-head with a pint of chocolate swirl ice cream and a package of Nutter Butter cookies.

I am committing myself to getting back to the Old Caroline and it starts right now. No more “I’ll start tomorrow” talk. I am so sick of me that I am ready to kick the crap out of myself. It’s that bad.

I know I sound all preachy and you are probably rolling your eyes a bit right now. I know this because I am rolling my eyes at myself right now.

But I mean, who can’t use a little overhaul (If you can’t, I don’t like you…kidding, kidding…)? I am hoping that you, too, will learn from my experiences. I plan on sharing it all right here.

My writing, exercise tips, healthy recipes, inspiration, running, black toenails from running…

…you get it.

This is not a blog about how to lose weight or how to get a job or how to find God. This is about total life renewal — to be specific, MY total life renewal. So, live vicariously, and lean on me, and learn from me, and love me, and tell me to get my ass off of the couch!

I am excited to have each one of you on my side as I move forward. And, hopefully, each one of you who are in my shoes – -like, you can smell the stench of my kicks, that’s how much you understand what I am saying — will be challenging yourself to get your act together as well. Or even if you are the slightest, littlest, tiniest bit in need of a change, I hope you, too, will learn from my journey.

I am ready to rock. Are you?



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13 responses to “Eat, Sleep, Eat … or something.

  1. Dad

    I think it is absolutely wonderful ! Follow your dreams …… you are absolutely so very talented. And yes, when and if you get lazy, I will be here to remind you (nicely)….xoxoxo….Daddy

  2. Cathy

    Thanks Caroline,
    I am inspired by your truthfulness and get real attitude and looking forward to following your journey.
    Cathy from Phili

  3. Dave Ash

    Liked the blog, looking forward to more.

  4. Heidi


    You can do this and you’ve inspired me. Your blog is wonderful and refreshing because it’s honest. It’s completely you. Compassionate. Self-depracating. (I don’t even know how to spell anymore. I know that’s spelled wrong, but I’m too lazy to look it up.) No holding back.

    Well done you. I’m pulling for you. I’m going to send this blog to everyone I know.

  5. Kristina


    I absolutely love it! This blog is so inspiring and honest. You are going to touch so many people through your journey. I cannot wait to experience it with you. This will definitely not be easy, but if anyone can come out much stronger and wiser, it is you. Good luck with everything you do. I love you!

  6. Amanda (your favorite sister)


    I love you. I think this is amazing. You are amazing and such a talented writer. I am so proud of you. You better be ready. You forgot to add in there that you will be able to share the details of yor marathon training and the life changing experience of the marathon itself. I believe in you. You can do anything. Make yourself happy. Do whatever it takes to be happy. I promise I will support you no matter what you choose to do with your life. So, you said you wanted your readers to get you off the couch, right? Well, here is my attempt. Running date: Friday. Antime before 2:30. Snow or not. You pick the distance. And perhaps a post run bagel. You in? Let me know.

    Great job! I look forward to hearing more.

    I love you tons.


  7. Amber

    I love your idea! I cannot wait to read about your journey and your success! You have achieved so much in your life; this is just a great way to rediscover the “old” Caroline while adding some fun to your daily schedule! I, too, am in a position similiar to yours. After seven years of attending every possible track practice I began this year by coming home and sleeping after school instead of training (it was pretty nice). However, yesterday I pulled myself together and went for the first time! Although it was a killer workout and it reminded me how out of shape I am, I truly felt great after running. I know you can do it and I promise you will love every step you take! Good luck!!

  8. Michelle Izquierdo

    Caroline you are so cute!! thank you so much for sending me this!! I can’t wait to here more about this! and may I add that your one day of running is probably how much i run in a year so you are not doing that bad ha! love u!

  9. Lisa

    I loved it Caroline….really. Good thing when you gave up running you didn’t gain weight….you still look great so there is a positive…..Good luck in bringing the “Old” you back in 2008.

  10. Mary

    I am in awe of you. You are extremely talented, extremely brave, and following your dreams. WOW!!!!! Do you now how many people have never followed their dreams? You can now say that you are not one of them…Go for it…Go all out!!!!! Yes you can!! I am definitely in and waiting to be inspired, but then again I am your mom…mid-life…inspire me!!! I love you…God bless you on your journey. I have no doubts. You can!!!

  11. Melissa

    You are so talented! I can’t wait to see more! I’m heading for the treadmill as we speak!

    Melissa from Shippensburg

  12. Wow. Good job. And that pilates mat is not as comfortable as everyone thinks it would be.

  13. Mom

    I read this often…I read it today….you should be so proud of what you have created…xoxo

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