Many Thanks from the Hippie Kid

I must say, it has been one week since I have started this blog and the response to Eat, Pray Run has been wonderful. It is so nice to know that I have so many fabulous people supporting me during this exciting, sometimes tricky, (see “Several Reasons Why My Sister Requires Rehab” for more details) adventure. I know exactly what I want from life, but I am also a total goof and freethinking, hippie kid at heart. My whole life may be quite the conundrum, but it works for me. And why not provide you with a bit of entertainment, right?! Keep reading, and, again, thank you — to each and every one of you.


“Go into yourself and see how deep is the place from which your life flows.”
– Poet Rainer Rilke



Filed under January 2008

3 responses to “Many Thanks from the Hippie Kid

  1. Mommy

    You’re quite welcome…xoxo

  2. That entertainment could be me you know.

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