Smoothie Minus the Convulsion


I am not usually a fruity girl first thing in the morning.

Wait … that came out wrong.

What I am trying to say is, I do not usually eat fruit in the morning. If I do, I typically get all shaky and freaky and type frantically while I am working at my computer. What’s more, this mad plunking of the keys does not look as though I am very important and trying to get something done. Instead, it is more like I am having a mild convulsion all while having an impulse to put my fingers to a computer keyboard.

It’s not good.

But this morning my fiance made me a smoothie. I was, for obvious reasons, reluctant to drink it. But he told me it had soy milk in it, so I crossed my fingers and prayed the protein from the soybeans would somehow balance out the tremor-inducing peaches, berries and fruit juice.

It did. This smoothie was so good. So, I thought, “Why not share it with all of my wonderful readers?”

Here it is, Smoothie À la My Fiance:

1/2 cup unsweetened vanilla soymilk (I use WestSoy brand.)

1/2 cup of R.W. Knudsen’s “Simply Nutritious Mega Green” (You can use any no-sugar added fruit juice, but this has a mix of fruits that I really like — your choice! I found it at Whole Foods, but a lot of major grocery chains carry this brand.)

3/4 cup of frozen strawberries

3/4 cup of frozen peaches

1/2 cup of frozen red raspberries

And an orange slice for prettiness!

Then, you can look like a fishy like me:


And I thought the convulsions were scary….



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6 responses to “Smoothie Minus the Convulsion

  1. Mommy

    You make such a cute fishy!!!

  2. Amanda

    🙂 That sounds yummy! I love smoothies… minus the convulsions of course 😉

  3. Lisa Stahl

    It does sound good but I don’t feel like making it so can Dan make one for me and send it over for breakfast??????

  4. Sure, Lisa. He will be over at 9 a.m. sharp! Would you like a back rub, too? (:

  5. Yeah no. I can barely make a sandwich and you want me to make a SMOOTHIE!

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