One Less Limb … All Because Kitties Hate Water.

I know this topic is completely off the purpose of this blog, but I feel as though maybe I can somehow make it fit into the “Lessons Learned from Caroline” aspect of Eat, Pray, Run.

What I have learned today: cats hate water.

I mean, I always knew this. But today I learned that, MY kittens, Cooper and Emerson, really hate water.

Before I tell you the details of my grisly morning, however, let me give you a bit of back story.

You see, my kittens have a tendency to play with their fecal matter because … well, they are kittens and do not know any better.

I have tried explaining to them that poop is gross.

I have tried yelling, “It’s poop! It’s poop!”

But for some reason, all they do is look at me like this:

(Cooper and Emerson– the day we all fell in love.)

So, after changing the cat box today, and seeing Cooper jump in the clean litter and take a dump — he likes to dirty it as quickly as possible — I decided they needed to get baths. Keep in mind, this is the first bath I have ever given them next to a rub down with kitty freshening wipes.

And this is where everything went downhill, and the reason behind a morning full of whining, death stares, and a two-hour licking session — them, not me.

I bathed Emerson first. He was tough to shampoo and rinse, but we made it through despite his clinging to the sink in an attempt to avoid the bath tub:


But Cooper, the black one, was another story. After he begged me to stop dousing him in water, — he licked my hand and looked at me with pleading eyes — he decided to take a more direct approach. He clawed at my arm, meowed bloody murder and sunk his teeth into my right pointer finger.

It is still swollen in the sense that it feels like a sausage — similar to the sensation that you may feel after a long walk where your hands hang down and all of the blood rushes to your fingers.

Like that, except with a bit of blood and bruising.

Needless to say, it hurt.

(My arm: The result of kitties with a vengeance.)

But what I have learned is that the trauma of this morning is not worth the sad look in my kitties eyes.



I spent at least an hour making up to them and explaining that “Momma would never hurt you on purpose.”

They forgave me. And I am keeping it that way.

From now on? Daddy is in charge of baths….

(Bath time mayhem)



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6 responses to “One Less Limb … All Because Kitties Hate Water.

  1. Jessie

    Wow one ruff morning. great story. Poor Kitties, Poor Caroline! Miss you

  2. Lisa Stahl

    Great story Caroline….I laughed because I can only imagine what Tiger would do to me if I tried that. Thanks for the laughs….Kristi loved it too. Amber hasn’t had time to read it yet….

  3. caroline46

    Thanks for reading, girls! It was quite the experience!

  4. Amanda

    Aunt Amanda wouldn’t do that boys 😦

  5. Melissa

    I agree with Amanda, neither would Great Aunt Missy!

  6. Well, Aunt Missy and Amanda … you are wonderful. (:

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