As Luck May Have It

pganddaddy.jpg My dad sent me a pretty cool email today called, “Good Karma.” At first, I thought it may just be one of those stupid chain letter things that I hate to receive. You know the ones that say:

“Send this to: 1 – 5 people – You will have a little bit of luck; 6 – 10 people – Something great will happen to you; and 10 or more people – You will live forever.

And if you do not send this to anyone you will die.”

And even though, not one of us believe this crap, we send it to at least one person just in case someone out there really wants us dead.

But, as usual, I digress. The point is that while this was a chain email, it was actually inspiring. One statement that struck me read:

“Remember that not getting what you want is sometimes a wonderful stroke of luck.”

At first, I hated it. It was every annoying thing that a good-intentioned person tries to say to you when you do not achieve something you really, really wanted – at least, at the time.

But then, I set irrationality aside and saw the coolness in this thought.

My mother always says she never prayed for any of her children to achieve something specific. She did not pray I would win the third grade spelling bee ( I did!) and she did not hope to the high heavens that I would make the cheer leading squad (I didn’t – thank the Lord!).

She always just prayed that it would work itself out – that everything would fall into place as the universe intended.

When I was younger and in the heat of a letdown, I would hate when she said, “Everything happens for a reason.” I disliked it almost as much as I hated when she coached me through a cross-country race, and all I wanted to do was hurl myself over a rock laid askew and break something on my body.

But exactly like at the end of the race, when I had time to collect my thoughts, I knew she was right. Just as she knew I was better off relaxing my face while running, she knew that the universe had a way of helping me put my life into place.

And, now, as I move forward in this new part of my life — so full of decisions and letdowns and heartbreak — I will try to remind myself of the many strokes of luck life has thrown my way.

I know it will not always be that easy, and many times I am sure I will want to quickly hang up from one of “those” conversations with my mom.

But in the end, I think I will be saying thank you …

to the universe and my mom.



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One response to “As Luck May Have It

  1. Mommy

    Thank you…pregnant at 21 and giving birth at 22, you learn that you have a choice: Fly by the seat of your pants or look deep within yourself for the answers you knew when you were born. You know the ones that you were sent to earth with and decided to push away for 21 years for the easiest answer. No, thank you. I always tell you and Amanda that when I decided to have the two of you, God said “No really you go…she has no clue what she’s doing and you’ve been there before…she needs you!!!” And that I did!! I love you…beautifully written.

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