Show Your Heart Some Lovin’

go-red.gif Today is National Wear Red Day, a part of the Go Red for Women campaign sponsored by the American Heart Association.

Oh, don’t give me that crap about red not being your color!

Put a little on to show your support for the fight against heart disease, the #1 killer of women and men. Slip into a pair of red underwear for all I care — just do it! And while you are at it, find some more ways to be good to your ticker by checking out my article, Four Ways to Be Naughty – And Love Your Heart, today on Her Active Life.

Now, get to it!



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2 responses to “Show Your Heart Some Lovin’

  1. Lisa Stahl

    I just had to read your article about four ways to be naughty and love your heart….what a deceiving title….I thought for sure it was going to pertain to something else……it was very informative though….I love wearing red so now I have to go change my clothes and put something on that is red…..I may as well drink some red wine and eat dark chocolate while changing…..bye….

  2. Ha, ha! Go for it! Sorry to be deceiving… (:

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