Eat Good Food … But Not That.

eat-this-2.jpg I hope you know by now that this blog is not about weight loss. I know I am not fat, and I am not going to try to give you any advice about “shedding those last pounds.” Even though I believe there is a great purpose for all of those efforts, Eat, Pray, Run is, instead, about achieving total wellness — for you and for me.

The other day, my fiance and I went to the bookstore and he bought me a couple of books that he thought might give me some food for thought — no pun intended! — for my blog. He is really cool like that. One book he got me was Eat This, Not That: Thousands of Simple Food Swaps That Can Save You 10, 20, 30 Pounds-or More! by David Zinczenko, Editor-in-Chief at Men’s Health magazine, and Matt Goulding.

At first I was like, “Great, honey. What are you trying to tell me?”

But then, I started flipping through the book and realized it was really neat! Eat This, Not That was exactly the message I am trying to convey through this blog; it was all about making better choices for complete health.

The authors of the book came up with this genius idea of taking the menus of several popular food chains, and putting food choices from those menus into the “Eat This” or “Not That!” categories.

For example, you may be surprised to learn the McDonald’s Quarter Pounder without cheese is a better choice than the Premium Grilled Chicken Club sandwich. Weighing in at 410 calories and 9 g fat (7 g saturated), the Quarter Pounder burger beats out the chicken sandwich’s 570 calories and 21 g fat (7 g saturated).

We had just been to P.F. Chang’s China Bistro that night, so I was excited to see if I had made some good decisions. I am usually pretty good with picking healthy foods, but it is was interesting to see just how good I am!

I ate the Citrus Soy Salmon with brown rice and asparagus, but I don’t know the nutrition content of it because it was from a specialty menu.


I only ate about 1/3 of the portion because I was so full from loading up on appetizers — two Chicken Lettuce Wraps, two Vegetable Spring Rolls, some Sesame Soy Cucumbers and a glass of red wine, but shhh!

Still, my decisions seemed like fairly clean, healthy options, while still allowing me to have a bit of fun.

Anyway, according to the book, one of the “Eat This” choices at P.F. Chang’s is the Wild Alaskan Sockeye steamed with ginger. This dish has 750 calories and 50 g fat (8 g saturated). On the other hand, an big no-no, “Not That!” option is the Sriracha Shrimp Salad, totaling 1,130 calories and 46 g fat (7 g saturated). Other “Eat This” options include the Seared Ahi Tuna, Ginger Chicken & Broccoli, and the Sichuan-Style Asparagus. The not-so-diet-friendly options menu items include the Salt & Pepper Calamari, Kung Pao Chicken and Spicy Green Beans (Go figure, a veggie!). Lastly, the “Weapon of Mass Destrution” is the Lo Mein Pork. The impact? 1, 820 calories and 127 g fat (23 g saturated). YIKES!!

The book also comes packed with all kinds of interesting facts, — Did you know you can save 17 grams of fat by replacing mayo on a Burger King WHOPPER with barbecue sauce? — the best kind of cookies to choose at the supermarket, and the healthiest choices from basic menus, such as a typical Mexican restaurant’s food selections.

But, anyway, I must make a point. I am not going to walk around with my Eat This, Not That book in my purse. I don’t want to be “that girl,” whipping out my health book just so I can make a dinner decision. What I do want you to understand, however, is the purpose of a book such as this. I am interested in Eat This, Not That, and books of the sort, because it makes you think twice. It is a fantastic resource for helping me — and you! — to make more educated decisions.

So, I am going crazy learning about all of this stuff. I keep reading and saying, “Are you kidding?!” and “Holy crap!” I am driving my fiance crazy with thousands of, “Did you know…?” I am sure he is so glad he bought this book for me!

By the way did you know any sandwich at Subway can be made into a salad? How cool is that?!

OK, OK, I am done now….



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7 responses to “Eat Good Food … But Not That.

  1. Amanda

    That book sounds awesome! I want one! So, tell me… did you have the great wall of chocolate? 😉

  2. Actually, I didn’t… I was trying to avoid going into complete sugar shock!!

  3. Godmother

    OH – thanks! Having spent sooooo… many years eating THAT not THIS – I thoroughly appreciate the refreshed enlightenment!! Food for thought – XXXOOO

  4. Heidi

    This is great news — “I love Quarter Pounders!” Seriously, I am definitely going to get this book out of the library.

  5. Ha, ha! You are so funny, Godmother and Heidi! I am glad I was able to enlighten the both of you. Seriously, check this book out … it is really cool!

  6. Melissa

    I haven’t crossed over to the “this” side of things, but I find myself thinking that I’m probably picking a “not that” snack…hopefully, I’ll start making “this” choices soon…heh, at least I’m thinking about it!!! (I did buy another Pilates dvd this evening!)

  7. Good for you, Aunt Missy! It is tough .. all of the “not that” snacks look so dang good!

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