Kiss, Kiss!

By the way, Happy Valentine’s Day to all! I tend to meet somewhere in the middle with this holiday. I can’t stand the overkill, — chocolates, jewelery, flowers, an excuse for PDA overload– but I also think the occasion is fun; a day to wear pink and red, and give the ones you love an extra smooch. kiss.jpg
Love to each one of my readers on this very lovey-dovey day! And, hey, don’t forget to check out today’s post about the Top 12 Organic Foods (see post below)!


Dan and I being lovey — the day before we got engaged!



Filed under February 2008

3 responses to “Kiss, Kiss!

  1. Michelle Izquierdo

    I took that picture!!!! and i believe that was the same day where miss caroline said that she “knew” dan would not be asking her to marry her for a long while!! hahaha!

  2. Ha, ha! I did! I thought I was soooo smart and cool. Thank you so much for taking that picture … it is so nice to have photos from that very special Thanksgiving. Happy Valentine’s Day! I love you.

  3. Amanda

    I couldn’t agree more (as we talked about yesterday). But, hey… who doesn’t need a good reason to bake heart shaped cookies, make valentines and give some extra love? 🙂

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