Yes, Ladies and Gents, the Sun Might Kill You


With spring and summer just around the corner, it is safe to assume that sooner than later many of us will be breaking out the bikinis and oils in an effort to start building a tan.

But before I continue, please note that this author is not a part of that “us” group — I am pasty white year round, with a chance of sunburn and freckles in the summer time.

Anyhoo, this trend makes me begin to start thinking about skin cancer, the most common form of cancer in the United States (can you believe that?!). Now, I know you are going to think that I really just have a vengeance to stop everyone from getting a bronzed bod because I can’t.

And that is true.

But, seriously, skin cancer is a scary thing. And just-released press about the disease, including a recent recovery story about Grey’s Anatomy star, actor Eric Dane, — known to the ladies as Dr. McSteamy! — makes us realize that no one is exempt. And these warnings go to everyone, including those who think they have skin that “naturally tans” and people who are less than golden, like me.

Take this skin cancer quiz. I think you will be glad to have the information on hand come time for skin cancer — um, tanning? — season. I missed number six, and the answer just shocked me — I had no clue!

P.S. The use of my ass in the above picture was previously approved by me, Caroline Shannon, the owner of the more than perfect derrière. (Ha, ha — yeah, right!)



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5 responses to “Yes, Ladies and Gents, the Sun Might Kill You

  1. shawna &uncle tim

    you know that i have to comment on this, since I was diagnosed with skin cancer in 1997, less than a year before my wedding. Since there has been no reoccurance I no longer have to get checked every 6 months, which is good news. The bad news is, it is very difficult to stay out of the sun with 2 little ones who want to go to the pool every day. Even though we lather up with SPF 50, we still get a bit of a tan. It was so much easier to avoid the sun all together when I worked full time, and didn’t swim frequently. I also wear a moisturizer all year long with SPF 35 which is a good idea. Here’s to the pasty white club, may we never have wrinkles.

  2. Thank you so much for posting that. I actually thought of you while I was writing this today. And I agree with you — it is tough. The sunshine and warm weather is so great. But I, too, am all for the pasty white club — especially because I cannot have it any other way!! (: But, seriously, when it comes right down to it, I will take my skin any day over cancer — simple as that!

  3. Mommy

    P.S. You can not fool your mom…however I do believe that your derrière is cute as can be!! Great article…important to be aware that no one is exempt. As you know, my lovely Italian, brown skin, brown eyed, black haired friend Lisa has had skin cancer. You would think that if she had skin cancer it must be basal cell being that it is the most common. She actually had the second most common form of skin cancer, squamous cell. It was really shocking and unexpected…a sun lover since birth. However, the doctor said that it was probably not so much the sun worshiping as it was the tanning booth worshiping!! Wear sunscreen and stay out of tanning booths!! Your mother said so!!!

  4. Amanda

    I scored a 6/6! Yeah me! I, too, am a memeber of the white skin club. 🙂 And, proud to be one! I have had precancerous moles and a tan is just not worth the risk. Such an appropriate article for me today. I just went to the dermatologist this morning for a skin check. The Doc said everything is perfect! Yeah! So, white skin is beautiful 🙂 And, as Aunt Shawna said, we will not wrinkle like the tan people! I love you…and your white skin.

    P.S. Nice bum!

  5. shawna &uncle tim

    You know what I did once, I got a spray tan. A woman I know did it for me as I stood in her garage in my bra and underwear. I must say, she did a great job. There are certain areas on my body that look better if they are camouflaged (spelling?) and don’t actually reflect the sun and blind people. Hi Mary, and Amanda.

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