Our Weekend in the Kitty Emergency Room

coopperandemmynap1.jpg Oh, my! What a weekend. I apologize for slacking a bit with the last two days’ posts, but we had a bit of a kitty emergency this weekend.

As you know by now, my fiancé, Dan, and I have two kittens, Emerson and Cooper, who are the little loves of our lives. Well, on Sunday I came home to find that one of them had gotten a hold of a Tylenol Cold pill and chewed it in half. At first I was not too alarmed, but I had my sister call my veterinarian — she babysits his kids — and check with him to make sure.

It turns out that such an incident is actually a very big deal — a life or death deal to be exact. When an animal swallows such a medicine, they can suffer liver damage and/or die from being poisoned. Of course, when I heard this news, I had to get them help right away. We took our kitties to the emergency veterinary clinic to have a doctor examine them. And because we were not sure who ate the medicine, they both had to be treated for poisoning.

However, before I continue, I must say that this center, while wonderfully staffed, was really quite depressing. It was so sad to see the sick animals’ little faces; one woman even made it to the hospital too late — her dog had passed away during the car ride to the clinic. It was awful.

After the doctor examined Emerson and Cooper, she decided that they needed to be held over night for observation and treatment. It was awful to say goodbye to them and see their little faces in that cage.

Our experience really gave us quite the parental primer. I was so nauseated by the thought of my kittens being in pain or suffering the fate of that dog, that I could not even think straight. At one point Dan and I looked at each other and said, “Can you imagine if this was our kids?” Situations like this make you realize just how much responsibility comes attached to parenthood, and you get a bit of insight as to how you made your parents feel all of those times you made a mistake or compromised your well-being.

And while our kittens are not our kids, they are in the greatest sense that either one of us can imagine at this point in our lives.

I had the worst nights’ sleep; all I could think about was the two of them and whether or not they were OK. I checked my phone every half hour to see if I had missed a call from the hospital, and I could not wait for 6:30 a.m. to roll around — the time that we were to leave to pick them up.

Several empty pocketbooks later, I could not have been more happy to see their faces. I felt awful for them — they are the closest of brothers, like two little soul mates, and they had to sleep in separate cages all night. They must have been so scared. Emerson and Cooper were also sent home with shave marks on their paws and necks (see Cooper’s leg above) — the places where their IVs had been and where they had received shots of medication.

They are home now and napping like crazy. The poor little babies are so tired from all of the trauma.

Just so you know, if you ever think you may be in a similar situation, symptoms to look for include brown or muddied gums, and puffy cheeks. But cold medicines are not the only thing that can harm your pets. In fact several foods, such as garlic and grapes, top the list of foods your should never feed your pet, in addition to keeping them away from common household items, such as fabric softener sheets and Post-1982 pennies (due to high concentration of zinc).

Who would have thought? I was surprised to learn of all of the things that can harm my babies.

Cooper sleeping on the couch when he got home yesterday — tongue hanging out and all!



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8 responses to “Our Weekend in the Kitty Emergency Room

  1. Michelle Izquierdo

    Oh my gosh that kitty sleeping is so cute!! The same thing happened to Apollo the first day we got him he ate rat poison and we had to take him to the emergency room… it was awful…

  2. Lisa Stahl

    So glad to hear the the ordeal had a happy ending. As I was reading, I was feeling so bad for you and Dan and then when I looked at Cooper sleeping with his tongue hanging out, I laughed. You are right about parents being worried so many times about their children……especially ones that fall off quads or tire swings!!!!!

  3. Lisa – Ha, ha … you are so, so funny! I am so glad that we are sharing about Caroline … lets move on to you! Hmmm…. (:

    Michelle – Isn’t he just the cutest?

  4. Amanda

    I love my little Cooper and Emerson. Cooper told me it was Emerson who ate it because he is a chubber who likes to eat 😉 That was quite the ordeal… I felt so bad for the little guys. So glad they are better now. And yes, for now the kitties are our children and I worry about them all the time! I even worry about Fritz!! Well…that’s because Maxie looks at him like she wants to eat him 🙂 I love you… take care of my boys!


    Note to readers: Fritz is Amanda’s fish and Maxie is her cat. Just didn’t want anyone to think my sister has a violent animal on her hands! (:

  5. Aunt Cathy

    First of all – you are a terrific writer and clearly captured the events. Regarding your photography – had I not read the article – I would have thought Cooper was dead. Love you lots!!!!!

  6. Mom

    Yeah…mommy would have thought Cooper was dead too…I guess sisters think a like!!! xoxo

  7. Amanda

    Good clarification Caroline! Maxie’s not violent. She is beautiful and perfect. Thanks!


  8. He does look kind of dead, huh?!

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