Abs O’ Pilates Steel

pilateslady1.jpgLet me tell you — Pilates is some tough stuff. I did a workout two days ago, and my core, leg and everything muscles are still sore. In case you have been following along with my Pilates series for Her Active Life, I want to let you know the last two parts of the series are now available: a beginner’s workout, and then how to advance the exercises. These two offer up the good stuff — descriptions of the movements and how to achieve a long, lean Pilates body.

Enjoy, and Happy Friday!


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One response to “Abs O’ Pilates Steel

  1. Amanda

    This past Saturday, mom kicked my butt in pilates. Ever muscle and bone hurt. My ribs hurt! She is crazy. But, it felt great too. Pilates is awesome..it makes you feel strong.


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