Undo Your Belt Because It’s Time to Eat!

I am not one to go crazy with food indulgences, especially during this new path of total health that I am headed down. But I do think there is a time and place to stuff your face a bit.

Last night, I arrived at that spot.

Dan and I went out with a few good friends to the Grand Concourse, a fabulous restaurant here in Pittsburgh, PA.

And I went a bit crazy. Well, I shouldn’t say crazy. I did indulge, but I actually tried to eat in moderation (some) of the foods that were on the not-so-good-for-me-list.

Appetizer was a seafood platter and Brie, then a salad and bread. Dinner was crab-encrusted Mahi Mahi with rice pilaf, asparagus and two glasses of wine. And, then . . . drum roll please . . . came DESSERT!!


This ridiculously good dessert is called the chocolate truffle cake, but I just call it the ridiculously good dessert. I absolutely love this oh-so-wonderful creation.

However, here is the thing: I left the restaurant, and did not feel full or stuffed to the max. I felt like I had indulged, but within reason, and that was a much better feeling than going home so full that I am in pain.

I love to eat. But, like last night, I am trying to learn to take less bites of Brie when I know I want dessert, or not eat ALL of the 2 pounds of rice on my plate. Ya know?

So, what are your indulgences? Do you plan on indulging this weekend? If so, how have you learned to moderate your extravagant choices a bit in order to be semi health-conscious?



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5 responses to “Undo Your Belt Because It’s Time to Eat!

  1. Michelle Izquierdo

    May i just say that you have much more self control then i do, becaue that entire chocolate mountain of goodness would be gone. I have no self control when it comes to chocolate….

  2. Michelle, if it wasn’t for your brother hogging it down, I would have, too!!

  3. Amanda

    Yummy…a few good friends? I wasn’t there! 😉 I am not a “dessert every night” girl either, but every once in a while couldn’t hurt. If you let yourself indulge every once in a while, you will be less likely to splurge…so there- it’s fine!

    I love you.


  4. Laural

    I just found this blog and I grew up in Pittsburgh! I actually worked at the Grand Concourse on summer breaks from college!! It is an amazing piece of history and an amazing restaurant! Glad you enjoyed it, their sunday brunch is FANTASTIC and definately worth the money. (if they still offer it ! I don’t live in PA anymore)

  5. Laural — Yes, they do still offer it, and it is still the best!! Especially the doughnuts that are made right in front of you!! OK, now I am just getting hungry. (: My fiance works there part time, so we even get the discount . . . how nice, right?! Thanks for reading!

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