Snooze More, Go to the Bathroom Less

tea.jpg“If you get up a lot during the night to pee, it could be because you’re sleep-deprived, researchers from Aarhus University Hospital in Denmark say. Missing out on zzz’s may keep your kidneys on a daytime schedule, causing them to produce more urine at night. Wind down with a pre-bedtime ritual, like 10 minutes of reading or try to go to bed earlier to ensure that once you’re snoozing, you’ll stay snoozing.”



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3 responses to “Snooze More, Go to the Bathroom Less

  1. Godmother

    How did you know I’ve been up since 2 am???? How about researching midlife women who wake up to pee AND can’t fall asleep again!! Love the blog – continue to follow – however don’t always have time to comment. Keep up the great work!!! Love you lot’s!!!!!!

  2. I get up routinely 2 hours before I’m suppose to. It SUCKS! LOL

    But I do need more sleep so maybe there is something to this!

  3. Godmother — I love you always, and don’t fret — I know you support me! P.S. I will get on that research topic! (:

    Roni — I know, Roni, I do that, too! And by the time you are just starting to fall back asleep, your alarm clock is going off … so frustrating! Thanks for reading, and for those of you who have not yet done so, check out Roni’s blog, Weight Watchen, and Web site, Green Lite Bites.

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