No Jokes Here — Let’s Get Serious About Our Planet!

earth21.jpg The beginning of a new month always presents to me an opportunity to start anew. And while I would like to kick April off by playing the world’s most fabulous April Fools’ Day prank on all of you, I decided to, instead, acknowledge this day as the beginning of the month in which we celebrate Earth Day. What a better time than now to talk about a few things that each one of us can be doing to save our planet?
Now, I know we have been inundated with thoughts of global warming, and “green” talk may be the last thing you want to hear about. But if you are anything like me, than I have confidence that each one of you would like to be doing your part to save the good Earth that lies at our feet. Right?
I read this article today and I found it quite interesting. Some of the tips I cannot yet adhere to, — I don’t think my landlord would appreciate solar panels — but it is nice to know that I can do something as small as change a light bulb and know that I am making a difference!
Read on for more tips:

A Green Truth: 5 Things to Buy

From The Oprah Winfrey Show Global Warming 101 with Al Gorealgore.jpg

For the past 20 years, former Vice President Al Gore has been traveling the world speaking about global warming, a passion of his since college. In 2006, his lecture was made into the documentary An Inconvenient Truth. Now available on DVD, this is the third highest grossing documentary of all time. Gore will donate 100 percent of his profits from his movie and book to a non-partisan effort to continue education on global warming.

In his lectures, book and documentary, Gore explains that if we continue to ignore what we are doing to our planet, we risk destroying the very future of our civilization. And the former vice president says that we must act before it’s too late.”Some of the leading scientists are now saying we may have as little as 10 years before we cross a kind of point-of-no-return, beyond which it’s much more difficult to save the habitability of the planet in the future,” Gore says.You are not helpless in the fight against global warming. Gore goes inside a Lowe’s Home Improvement store outside Nashville, Tennessee, to show you the five things you can buy that will help solve the climate crisis…and save you a few bucks!
Compact fluorescent light bulbs: These energy-efficient bulbs cost less than $4 and are produced by major corporations like GE. If every household in America switched five regular light bulbs for five fluorescent bulbs, it would be the equivalent of taking 1 million cars off the highways for a full year.
Outdoor solar lighting: These yard or patio lights cost less than $20, and they don’t burn any electricity or produce any CO2.
Programmable thermostats: Though these thermostats cost from $50 to $100, they can actually cut your heating and cooling costs. Set the setting so it’s a little bit cooler in the winter and warmer in the summer when you’re not in the house. A difference of 2 degrees can reduce a home’s CO2 emissions by up to 9 percent over the course of a year.
Air filters: Changing the air filters in your heating and cooling systems regularly can knock 2 percent off of your CO2 output each year.
Electric hot water heater blanket: Hot water heaters use a lot of energy and generate a lot of CO2. A blanket costs less than $18 and can cut your home’s CO2 emissions by almost 4 1/2 percent.Gore says that when you’re shopping for major home appliances, look for the Energy Star label. “This is a signal that you’re getting an environmentally efficient appliance that’s going to save you money at the same time,” he says.
A few other small (but HUGE!) ways to go green:

  • Use pure beeswax candles which are naturally aromatic and infused with the sweet, subtle scent of honey. Check out 3RLiving.greenandgorgeous.jpg
  • Try a cute tote as an alternative to shopping bags. I love the Green & Gorgeous tote by Scoop NYC. And it’s only 28 bucks! (Hey, mom, my birthday is coming up . . . hint, hint! )
  • Use cleaning products that do not contain chemicals that can cause harm to the planet and your home. Try Shaklee’sbiojkleen.jpg Get Clean Fresh Laundry detergent or a vinegar-based, ammonia-free window cleaner, like biokleen.
  • Invest in a power strip. According to an article in the March 2008 issue of domino magazine, a computer that has been urned off still drains the lifeblood from outlets, accounting for up to 10 percent of home electricity use. The new-generation strip actually stops the current saving money and energy. Check out this one for $30.95 at Smart Home USA.
I cannot wait to research these and many more products — in addition to green efforts around the globe — during the month of April. It is exciting to know that each one of us can make small changes to make a huge difference in our world.
Don’t blow it – good planets are hard to find.” — Quote from Time magazine


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6 responses to “No Jokes Here — Let’s Get Serious About Our Planet!

  1. I love that quote from Time! I completely agree that we all need to figure out ways to become more eco-friendly. Small changes aren’t hard, and they do make a difference! I just posted some of my favorite “green” ideas yesterday, so check that out if you have a chance. Cheers!

  2. Amanda

    So weird that you wrote about this today. While I was running yesterday, I was thinking about how I read that you can recycle old running shoes and was going to tell you that you should put it in your blog! If you become a member of the Sierra Club or Environmental Defense Fund, you can get e-mails about what you can do to “be green.” I have learned how to make cleaning products from home ingredients, how to have a green wedding and tons of other stuff. Check it out! Oh, and mom, I love the bag….sister present? 🙂

  3. Amanda — Thank you so much for sharing that information. Very useful!

    Ashley — I just love that quote, too. Your site looks fabulous. Thank you for sharing, and thanks for reading!

  4. Amanda

    Care 2-green living is another I like…;)

  5. aunt shawna

    Thank you for caring about the Earth. I try to instill this in my children daily. When Brooke sees trash on the side of the road, she says “Why are they killing the Earth?” We recycle, buy smart (no individual packaging), and always use our very cute shopping bags. Ours are from Whole Foods and Trader Joes. I believe they are only 5 bucks. I’m not exactly sure because I actually “steal” them from my parents. (They shop at Whole Foods weekly), and always come home with cute bags. I say “hey I like that, can I have it?” Needless to say I always end up with the bag. I’ll “steal” one for you if you like. HaHa.

    P.S. Do you know of any way to get involved in clean ups on the side of the road. I see people doing that, and then they leave the garbage bags there to be picked up. I’d love to do that.

  6. Aunt Shawna — I completely agree with you about teaching kids about the planet at an early age. I was sitting in traffic the other day, when the lady in front of me began throwing trash out of her window — water bottle, food wrappers, etc. I could see her young child’s head through the window to the backseat and it made me sad. Of course, whenever I pulled up beside her, I beeped at her to let her know that I thought her actions were disgusting. Probably not my place, but it made me so mad!

    I, too, use the reusable grocery bags. The Trader Joe’s and Whole foods ones are actually $.99 -$1.99. So, for the price of the planet, I figure I can spare a few extra dollars. I also bring to stores paper bags that I keep in a bin in my pantry.

    P.S. I will look into the trash pickup and get back to you!

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