Trying to Bee Positive

I have been a bit frustrated lately.

I try very hard not to subscribe to a negative way of thinking, but the difficult part is that I am not naturally a positive thinker; many of my instincts do in fact point toward initially focusing on the bad of a situation.

Instead, I have had to learn how to do the exact opposite of what my brain and feelings are otherwise urging me to do. My parents and other fabulous teachers throughout my life have always taught me to live with positive intention, and I work every day to do just that.

But sometimes that slips through the cracks. Sometimes I allow the negative thoughts to eek their way into my world.

This week has been rough. And while I hate — absolutely hate — any thoughts of the universe crashing down on me, sometimes, it feel like exactly that; like the universe is going to smack me in the face at any moment.

And I hate that. I know there are worse things, worse situations, worse collisions with the universe happening in this world at this very moment. When you are stuck in that place, however, where only your world feels like the only one that is being affected, it is hard for anyone to tell you to think differently.

But that’s not fair. It’s not fair for me to waste my precious time feeling bad about the, really, very minor — so small in this very large scheme of things — things that are happening in my life.

I am so fortunate.

My mom, my dad, my sister, my brothers, my fiancé, my extended family. How could I ask to be anymore blessed?

I have a job I love and a healthy body and the cutest kittens in the world . . . my life is really quite fabulous.

And when I am feeling moments of such a great “Poor me!” attitude, I try to remind myself of all of those things. I think of my health and the important people in my life and people who are in much more drastic situations than me, like Bekah, and still manage to think positively.

I recently watched A Bee Movie with my family, and I absolutely loved this introduction to the film:

“According to all laws of aviation,
there is no way that a bee should be able to fly.

Its wings are too small to get its fat little body
off the ground.

The bee, of course, flies anyway.

Because bees don’t care what humans think
is impossible.”

When I am feeling like I am this morning, I remind myself of the little bees and I smile. If a chubby bee can persevere, can do the “impossible,” then why can’t I?

There is no reason why I cannot, except for, of course, if I pay attention to the human being in me who tries to convince me that my world is falling apart or that everything really has become quite “impossible.”

And to that, I have no reply except …. buzz off.



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7 responses to “Trying to Bee Positive

  1. Michelle Izquierdo

    awww!! i think we all feel a little like that sometimes.. but as long as you can look around at what you have and realize that everything is not that bad then your a lucky person!! also i think that disney movies are so inspiring haha they always make me happy

  2. Michelle — Aren’t movies like that just the best? I agree with you, and I am so glad that I — eventually (: — have the ability to look around and be thankful. Much love, Luv. xoxo

  3. Mom

    Wow!!! This is quite different from your attitude this morning at 9:30…I am so proud of your brush myself off sort of attitude!! The truth is that you have had a stretch of negative happenings…more to the point, the universe is not plotting against you to screw up your life:)!!!…Focus on all the very lovely things in your life and watch how they grow!! Tomorrow is your 24th birthday I know for sure your dad and I will be celebrating!! Celebrate you and your new twist of fate starting today!! xoxo I love you!!

  4. Amanda

    🙂 There are so many reasons for you to be happy and thankful…many of which you mentioned above. I think you are an inspiring, wonderful person. As I said to you today, I do not see you as negative, but I understand the “feeling down” attitude. I know people think I am slightly too peppy 😉 But, every morning when I wake up, I smile. Even if I am tired and would much rather be in bed, I just smile. It makes the whole day start out right and, as a result, the day goes well. I just think we all should appreciate what we have and notice the beauty that surrounds us every day! 🙂

    I love you.


  5. aunt shawna

    I need to read this every day so I can stop sweating the small stuff. So the dogs ate our shutter off of the house, it’s all good. At lease I have a house.
    Happy Birthday!!!

  6. Cristina

    Yay for birthdays. I’ll be 28 in May.

  7. Aunt Shawna — Probably not supposed to be a funny anecdote, but your sarcasm made me laugh! Thanks for the birthday wishes!

    Cristina – Yay for birthdays is right! Happy early birthday!

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