A Saturday Morning Tea Party (For One)!

What a fabulous Saturday morning!

I have so much to get done today. But, instead of feeling a bit stressed about it like I usually do, I decided to start the morning off with a nice cup of tea and a long walk.

I just got back from exercising, and, I must say, it felt so good to be outside and breathe in the fresh air.

Before I left I tried a new loose leaf tea that I had ordered from Blue Iris Tea Company called Casablanca Melon White Tea (see sidebar for more information).

It was so light and yummy that I think I might just have to have another cup later today!

Now, I drink bagged and loose leaf tea, but according to several resources loose leaf tea is more flavorful than bagged tea and the quality is significantly higher.

I am not sure about the quality of the tea — I would have to compare many to really be able to make a conclusion. But I will tell you one thing: the flavors in this tea really stood out! Unlike other fruit-enhanced teas that I have tried, it actually tasted like there was real melon in this tea.

Next on my list to try? The Marsala Chai …. Mmmm!

Happy Saturday to all of my readers. (:



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8 responses to “A Saturday Morning Tea Party (For One)!

  1. Mom

    Love your mug!! Your tea sounds wonderful…let me know how the Marsala Chai tastes…it sounds like one I would like. I haven’t ordered any yet, I’m waiting for your opinion :)! xoxo

  2. yeah, i second that, your mug is adorable. i love loose leaf tea too but its so much work i usually just go for the bag.

  3. Thank you for the compliments on my (totally cute!) mug. I love it, too. Kelly T., I agree with you — loose tea can be a pain. But this was such a nice treat that I really did not mind. Hey, by the way, great site!

  4. This tea sounds wonderful…I think it is so important to indulge ourselves in ceremony once in awhile even if we are alone…

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  6. Michelle Izquierdo

    so i believe i got you that mug.. i think that was when we were all in pittsburg last… its cuter than i remember… (i am going to feel really stupid if i did not get u that mug ha)

  7. Amanda

    I was bummed I was at work and couldn’t go for a walk with you. 😦 I have really fell in love with loose tea. I drink this white pomegranate one at work all the time…it is delicious! You can actually buy tea filters that are just like tea bags, but you fill them with the loose tea and then stick it in hot water just like you would with “ready made” teas. I found some at http://www.teaguys.com/. Just click on “accessories.” Also, I read that tea leaves contain chemicals and essential oils, which are the basis for the flavor of tea. When the tea leaves are broken up, those oils can evaporate, leaving a dull and tasteless tea. Therefore, I think loose tea may be the better option taste wise. I don’t know if it makes a difference in health aspects or not…we will have to look into that. I love you.


  8. Marye — I agree! Thank you for reading.

    Michelle — You are so cute….It is from you, luv. Doesn’t it look so pretty?! My future sister-in-law, everyone — she is the one who got me this fabulous mug! xoxo

    Amanda — Thanks for the tips. I have a nifty little, metal tea infuser (which is what you see in my cup). It worked very well! xoxo

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