Why a Quickie Can Be a Good Thing

I do love exercise — running and Pilates and yoga and things of the sort. But sometimes, it is just plain old hard to squeeze it in, ya know?

That’s why I was so happy when I found this Perfect Circuit workout in the May 2008 issue of Fitness magazine. Check it out; it is a great strength routine, and really gets your muscles going! The next day, I could definitely feel the lunges and squats in my butt! :

The Perfect Circuit:

WHAT YOU’LL NEED – A pair of 5- to 8-pound dumbbells. The last few reps of each move should be really difficult, so increase weight as needed.

♥ Warm up (walk on treadmill, bike slowly, march in place, jump rope) for five minutes. Then, complete one set of the following:

  • 24 alternating lunges with bicep curls, holding a dumbbell in each hand
  • 20 plié squats, feet turned out to sides, knees behind toes, holding a dumbbell in each hand. As you squat, raise arms straight out in front of chest. Lower arms as you lift back up.
  • Two 45-second plank holds, hands below shoulders, abs engaged, back straight; lift one leg each time
  • 20 alternative reverse lunges, holding a dumbbell in each hand. As you lunge back, lift arms straight out to sides at shoulder height, palms down. Lower arms as you stand up.
  • 20 squats, holding a dumbbell in each hand. As you squat, press dumbbells straight overhead, palms facing forward. Lower arms as you lift back up.
  • 1 to 3 minutes of cardio (such as jogging in place, doing jumping jacks or jumping rope)

Rest for 1 minute, then do another set, switching up the order of the exercises.

Happy exercising!

P.S. I would never wear such derrière-exposing shorts when exercising, but good for her (model) I guess!



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6 responses to “Why a Quickie Can Be a Good Thing

  1. Amanda

    Looks like a great workout…I will have to give it a try. 🙂

  2. aunt shawna

    what a great combo of moves. I think I’ll use it in my class, I always like to change things up. I also like moves that combine 2 muscle groups. By the way I always work out in shorts that expose my entire butt area. NOT!!!!

  3. Aunt Shawna — Ha, ha! Yeah, me, too… (; Glad you liked the moves. I, too, like to see workouts where I can work all of my muscles with a few, quick exercises. Sometimes, the ones that feature all of the fancy footwork and equipment are just too much for me.

  4. Mom

    I did this yesterday…YIKES!!! Definitely breaks a sweat!!! Don’t feel much like taking the steps today!! xoxo

  5. aunt shawna

    For some reason I though that “quickie” was synonomous (sp.?) for easy. Hell no (can I say that?) The squat with the shoulder press was killer, I had 8 pound weights, I might have to go down to 3 pounds. The shame, the shame.

  6. Yeah, you can say, “Hell, no!” That’s an OK reaction to that workout. (:

    Definitely not an easy one … for a few days afterward I had to brace myself before sitting on the toilet.

    Talk about “the shame” . . .

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