Mazel Tov to Mickey!

Family, vacation and good food are three fabulous things. Mix ’em all together and you have a great time and a full tummy!

For the last few days, Dan and I have been visiting his family in Florida; we have been here since Friday afternoon and we catch a plane on Tuesday to go back home. We kicked off our visit with the celebration of his younger sister’s Bat Mitzvah. Ceremonies started on Friday and continued Saturday morning, and then we partied like it was 1999 for the final part of the night. What a fantastic event — it was a weekend completely devoted to the one and only Anna!

Not only was it such a pleasure to celebrate Anna and the outstanding young woman she has become, but it is always exciting to see so many people you love in one place. Hey, Anna — Mazel tov!

This trip is also especially exciting because Dan and I had the opportunity to bring along my two brothers, Luke and Isaac. And, of course, given the recent news that I will be moving, it is so important to me that I suck up all these little bits of special time. We are having a blast!

Tomorrow we are hightailing it bright and early to …. drumroll please …. DISNEY WORLD! I don’t think anyone could ever outgrow that place and, if so, I for one have not! I cannot wait to see Mickey tomorrow. More to come on that soon ….

I hope everyone else is having as much fun as I am during this holiday weekend. Happy Memorial Day!


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One response to “Mazel Tov to Mickey!

  1. Mom

    They look like they’re having a blast!!!

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