Taking These Porcelain Babies for a Walk . . . or Run!

I just got back from what started as a walk, but quickly turned into a walk/run. You see, as I was getting ready to head outside today, I knew I didn’t want to go for a full-out run. I was feeling pretty tired and I could feel a ton of lactic acid running through my body.

But then, once I get started, I decided I was going to do a walk/run; often times, quick running sprints mixed with fast-paced walking or light jogging can actually help flush some of the lactic acid out of your body. So, that is what my game plan was tonight.

My exercise path was 4.28 miles and it took me 43 minutes to complete it. I ended with 2 minutes (for a total of 45 minutes) of light walking. It went a little something like this:

*5 min. warm up

*1 min. sprint, 2 min. fast walking (5:00 – 15:00)

*1-mile run (15:00 – 22:55)

*Back to 2 min. fast walking, 1 min. sprint (22:55 – 40:00)

*Ran the rest of the way home (40:00 – 43:00) = 4.28 miles

*Cool down – walk (43:00 – 45:00)

NOTE . . . I have a few rules about a walk/run workout that are the result of my slightly demented runner’s way of thinking:

– I never stop in the middle of the hill; even if it means running a bit farther than the designated 1-minute mark.

– I also never stop at the top of hill.

– Or in front of people.

Combine all of these rules and you will understand why the middle of my workout lead to a one-mile run: I started my “one-minute” sprint at the bottom of a one-mile long hill. Yes, ONE-FREAKING-MILE long hill! More on this hill in Several Reasons Why My Sister Requires Rehab.

But I was glad I did it. I have taught myself to love hills, and conquering this one always feels like such an accomplishment. It just keeps going, and going, and going . . .

One thing I wish I could have changed — my decision to wear black capri pants. I thought the slight drop in temperature would make hiding my porcelain-tinted legs — why show those babies if need not be? — OK, but I was dead wrong. Note to self — no one gives a crap about your legs.

By the way fabulous readers, if you live in an urban area like yours truly, and you cannot exactly drive your car along a sidewalk or dirt path to measure your run, walk or bike, then check out Map My Run. It’s an awesome tool that lets you draw your route on a map or even satellite map of your area. It totally rocks my world!

OK, I gotta shut up and go eat dinner … I’m hungry!



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4 responses to “Taking These Porcelain Babies for a Walk . . . or Run!

  1. pinkcowgirl

    Ah ha ha ha ha!!!! I’m glad I’m not the only one that won’t stop running in front of someone. 🙂

  2. Pinkcowgirl – Oh, I know! Isn’t it pathetic? Ha, ha, ha . . . (:

  3. Amanda

    Map my run is really quite awesome…you introduced me to that! Such a great tool! And, p.s., no one cares if your legs are white….don’t give yourself a heat stroke over it! xoxo

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