This Train Has Been Delayed … And So Has Her Yummy Food.

Bad news: We didn’t end up leaving for vacation today.

My baby brother (Look at his little face, at right) is sick — fever, backache, the works — and we thought he would be better off resting at home rather than spending eight hours in the car.

So, an early-morning departure tomorrow it is!

Since I haven’t given details yet, here they are — my family and I vacation every summer in The 1000 Islands. It’s a fabulous place located in upstate New York, just along the border of Canada. This place means so many things to us, and it has just become a magical vacation spot. As the story goes, when my grandfather (my mom’s dad) was visiting family in Canada (he was born in Ottawa), he would often cross the Canadian/New York bridge — the 1000 Islands Region spans far into Canada — that crossed over the St. Lawrence River (home to The 1000 Islands). And he would always tell his parents that, some day, he would take his family there — and he did. My mom and her six brothers and sisters have all been vacationing there since they were quite young; my mom was about six when they first visited. And now, they all take their families — my mom’s older brother and his wife takes their four children and their significant others; my mom’s youngest brother and his wife take their three kids who have grown to know vacation = 1000 Islands; and my mom’s younger sister, her husband and two girls are also continuing the tradition. Some of her other siblings go for some solo time, and her mother (my Gram!) is also still making her way to the place she and her husband passed along to their children.

My Uncle Russ (my mom’s younger brother) and Aunt Amy not only named their dog, Alex, after a town in the 1000 Islands Region — Alexandria Bay — but he also proposed to my aunt more than 10 years ago at a special picture place that he, his siblings, mother and father used to visit often.

It’s overwhelming when I think of all of the special memories that have been created there — some, of course, better than others. Like vacation songs, and a split lip (good one, Amanda), and pizza at Cavallario’s, and planting a tree, and walks in Thousand Islands Park, and romantic dinners at The Wellesley Hotel, and two gimps walking/running 6 miles back to the cottage (Thanks, again, Amanda), and THE notorious argument about who forgot to bring the baked beans — and the SPOONS!! — to a picnic (aha, ha, ha, ha — you know who you are!) — just to name a few.

So, anyway, our spot. And we love it.

Now, given that I thought I was leaving today and I have been cleaning out the refrigerator all week, today’s food options have been pretty slim pickins, but I am making due.

First off, last night’s dinner — we had leftover pierogies (again, I had about six) and Dan cooked up a side of chicken sausage, green peppers and onions. It was tasty, but I am kind of over the whole pierogies craving for now.

I had a treat, too: One and a half of Whole Foods’ delish cookies! They were oh-so-yummy, but I was feeling pretty full afterward.

I only got about 5 1/2 hours of sleep again, but vacation is literally right around the corner, so I am counting on some R&R.

Breakfast today was bo-ring All Bran Strawberry Fields and little bit of ewwy Cascadian Farms, again, with one cup skim milk. And lunch was a PB and banana sandwich on whole wheat bread — again. So, instead of making you look at the same ol’ pictures I am just giving you some fab vacation photos to check out instead. How nice of me, huh?

Oh, and I just had a butterscotch treat and about 6 oz. Diet Coke.

As you can imagine, I am looking very forward to a menu change once vacation starts.

I have been working all day, and, unless a packing miracle happens, I am thinking throwing clothes into a suitcase might just have to be my workout tonight. Because once I got the memo last night that we were not going, I scratched the late-night packing session I had previously planned. Oops!

Now, as for dinner — this could get interesting ….



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4 responses to “This Train Has Been Delayed … And So Has Her Yummy Food.

  1. Mom

    Wow!! We are looking so forward to each and every one of the new memories we will make at this year…thank you so much mom and dad for this special place…you have passed on more than you will ever really know…what a wonderful place!!! xoxo

  2. Amanda

    I am so very excited for all the fun this year! Vacation always brings new memories….:)

  3. Aunt Amy

    i’m crying…… love you again!

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