Bicycle Co-op Programs Near You!

Hey, just in case you are interested I did a little research on bicycle co-ops in other communities for a Greenzone post, and here is what I found through a quick search on the Internet:

The Durham Bike Co-op in Durham, NC

Third Hand Bicycle Co-op in Columbus, OH

Mt. Ranier Bike Co-op in Mt. Ranier, MD

The Hub Bicycle Co-op in Minneapolis, MN

Mobo Bicycle Cooperative in Cincinnati, OH

Fort Collins Bicycle Co-op in Fort Collins, CO

Charleston Bike Co-op in Charleston, SC

Sopo Bicycle Co-op in Atlanta, GA

All of the groups listed above offer different programs, but each one looked like it had something great to offer. If you don’t see your community here, try looking for “bicycle co-op” on Google or a similar search engine, or on a green Web site.

Have fun riding!



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2 responses to “Bicycle Co-op Programs Near You!

  1. hmm.. thank you very much. usefull information

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