Kitties Galore and the Crazy Cat Lady (And Man!)

These last couple weeks have been so jam-packed that I have been remiss in sharing with you the newest additions to our family:

Yes, we are officially crazy cat people.

The whole saga started early one morning when I began reading information about over-crowding at shelters around the globe (the picture above is the one I sent Dan via text message). Yet another thing for which we can thank the economic crisis. Hey, if you have enough money for gas to drive your unwanted pets to the shelter, then you can at least get rid of one financial burden.

OK, rant over.

Anyhoo, all of our pets are adopted — and when I say all of our pets, that includes my sister’s, parents’ and brothers’ animals, too. Not that I am saying we deserve some grand pat on the back — I am just proud of our efforts to help animals who need a home.

So, here I am, reading this story early in the morning and lamenting over the fact that these poor babies are suffering in a shelter. This is where a story of begging, promises and more begging ensues, so I will spare you the gory details.

Long, long, long story short: Dan and I ended up with two more kittens. The orange one is Madeline and the black one is Simon. They are long-haired, gorgeous babies. My allergies don’t agree too well with my heart, but they will just have to get over it.

But the story does not end there because once my brother, Luke, and sister heard of my hopes to save the animal world one kitten at a time, they too felt the kitty itch.

Amanda ended up with a new kitten, Jack, and an adult kitten who we call Momma — she is still thinking of a fitting name. Jack is such a sweetie; his tail is deformed, so he ended up with a little nub that wags every time he gets attention. Amanda’s additions take her family to a total of three cats.

Momma is a love, and when we saw her, she had a baby kitten attached to her side. Hence,this is where Luke’s kitten, Lucky, comes into the picture. He was neglected for so long that his size is much smaller than it should be, but the little peanut loves to curl up at anyone’s side.

Here’s the part where I sympathize (a tiny bit) with my mother. Dan and I are staying with my parents for the the month of August while he finishes up work in Pittsburgh before we make the big move to Ohio. So, remember Isaac’s amphibian room? Well, here is the total animal count in the Shannon household now:

*1 gecko

*1 lizard

*2 frogs

*1 turtle

*a bag of crickets

*3 kittens

*3 cats

*1 dog

I know — thank goodness Amanda’s cats aren’t here, too. I love you, girly, but seriously — it’s nuts here!

But, honestly, despite the craziness of this all, Dan and I are so happy with our decision. And, for now, we are done having kitty children.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t take over for a bit. If you are looking for a new addition to your family, check out the available animals here. Many of the shelters are so crowded that they have resorted to giving away adult cats to a good home.

A few more sites to consider:

*The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals



Come on . . . don’t-chya want to be crazy like me?


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One response to “Kitties Galore and the Crazy Cat Lady (And Man!)

  1. Amanda

    I love all of our new additions…I am in love with them all. I am trying to stay away from shelters and pet stores for the moment..we all know what might happen if we go on another family trip to petville! But, I’m proud of us….look how many babies we saved!! xoxo

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