Loving the Olympics — And Mr. Phelps’ Abs Are Pretty Nice, Too.

OK, is anyone else OBSESSED with the Olympic games in Beijing. Specifically, Michael Phelps’ abs in Beijing?

Kidding, kidding, honey. Well, not really. But, seriously, I have been having so much fun watching the Olympics, an event in which I have really have not held much interest since the days of Keri Strug and Dominique Moceanu — I loved women’s gymnastics.

But this year I am so inspired by the athletes who are participating in the games. The women’s gymnastics team looks healthy and strong. The USA has a 41-year-old woman, Dara Torres, crushing the age-bias and beating the competition. She became the oldest swimming medalist in Olympic history this past Sunday.

And, of course, swimmer Michael Phelps has made it his job to let people know just how much he rocks. He won his eleventh gold medal yesterday, making him the world’s greatest athlete and far surpassing the nine-medal total other Olympic athletes, like Carl Lewis and Mark Spitz, have held.

I think these people are just the coolest. And watching them makes me so proud of our country and, of course, I want just 1/2 of Dara’s muscle tone, too.

What about y’all? Have you taken a liking to the Olympics? Michael Phelps?


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