Oh, Pens and Paper, You Make Me So Hot and Bothered

I was thoroughly excited last night to organize my bookshelf and watch Law & Order re-runs while drinking wine with Dan.

I was actually E-X-C-I-T-E-D.

Is something wrong with me? Like in a I-get-pumped-when-I-see-school-supplies kind of way?



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4 responses to “Oh, Pens and Paper, You Make Me So Hot and Bothered

  1. Michelle Izquierdo

    I love school supplies.. organizing my desk is like my favorite thing to clean .. the thing i like the most about starting school is new supplies.. and don’t even get me started on my love for law and order re-runs

  2. Melissa

    I think you might get this “obsession” from me…I love new school supplies…a new box of crayons is the best…and sharp pencils with new erasers come in second…I teach because I love kids, but I think my second reason for teaching came from the thought of all those new school supplies every year!!! Enjoy your clean desk!!

  3. Amanda

    Ok..I too love school supplies and nice, neat bookshelves…yet, the thing I really want to comment on is that picture of my Emmy. Oh, how I miss him! 🙂 Enjoy your books! I am excited to see them all organized this weekend! And you of course…;)

  4. Ha, ha! I love all of your responses.

    Aunt Missy:
    When I was still considering a career path, the only reason I ever thought about being a teacher was because I loved the idea of marking kids’ papers with colored pens and using fancy stickers. Probably the reason why “playing school” was one of my favorite games when I was younger. Thanks a lot for passing along those genes. (;

    Michelle: Oh, darling, a girl after my own heart.

    Amanda: Isn’t he just the best?

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