Coffee Politics … and Puke

So, yesterday we were in the local coffee shop and the barista introduced to us a coffee house special: The Barack Obama and John McCain blends. Buy one and which ever a candidate you choose gets a “vote,” he told us.

Dan observed the two bags of coffee, looked at the guy and said, “I would rather vomit in a cup and drink that instead of drink something with John McCain’s face on it.”

No, honey, tell us how you really feel.



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2 responses to “Coffee Politics … and Puke

  1. Ura

    And I would rather eat my vomit then drink something with baby-killer/radical/socialist’s Barack Obama’s face on it. So there.

  2. Jac12

    1. I’m pretty sure that Obama hasn’t killed any babies. If his pro-choice stance is what angers you, you may want to consider that you can most certainly remain pro-life in a pro-choice country.
    2. Radix is the Latin term for root, which politically references a change at the roots. Today, where McCain votes 90% of the time with our current administration, Obama’s redundant rhetoric of “more of the same,” is a welcome change – unless you take interest in collecting houses…goodluck keeping count…
    3. Senator McCain reports: Obama might be a socialist. DISCLAIMER: Previous statement may cause brain damage or permanent retardation.

    So there.

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