A Hungry Bubba

Emerson — I like to call him my Bubba — woke me up early this morning by dragging his bag of cat food into my bedroom and crinkling it until I finally got out of bed.

Apparently, the Bubba is neglected and never gets to eat . . . yeah right.

Of course, the other three were following close behind him, so I walked them out into the kitchen to feed them. I discovered that he had dragged the bag of food off of the counter and broken a plate in the process. One of my favorite green plates.

It’s a good thing I love my kitties.



Filed under Eat, Pray, Run, September 2008

3 responses to “A Hungry Bubba

  1. Kelley

    Your cats sound too cute!

    I have thoroughly enjoy reading your blog. Especially, the one’s about your eating habits. It really helped me with trying new things. Your exercise portions also helped motivate me on the days I didn’t want to swim. I look forward to the next installment.

    Oh and btw… your family is too cute! Reminds me a lot of mine back in Oregon!

  2. Amanda

    Oh Emmy! Your naughty! Funny and adorable, but naughty! 🙂

  3. Kelley – They really are too cute … and total brats. (;

    I am so glad that you have enjoyed my blog, and I am happy to hear about the specific parts you found helpful. That helps me to focus on the content my readers enjoy the most. And, hey, you guys help me, too. When I have someone tell me that I inspired them, it surely helps me to get my butt moving!

    Thanks, again, Kelley. And, yes, my family is wonderful. Now that I live about 4 hours from them, I miss them terribly every day. Sounds like you might understand!

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