Close But Faraway

If we are hundreds of miles apart,

can you still feel me squeeze your hand

three times?

I. Love. You.

And if we are not sitting

face to face,

will you still know

that I cry when I miss you?

My heart hurts.

Can you hear me laughing,

when I watch our favorite show?

I wish you were beside me.

Will I still be the first person

you call,

even though the phone line stretches

much farther now?

I want to hear

your voice.

©CMS September 2008



Filed under Eat, Pray, Run, September 2008

2 responses to “Close But Faraway

  1. Mom

    Daddy and I just read this and although we know in our hearts that this is about your brothers and sister…we all feel exactly the same way about you!! We love you…xoxo

  2. Amanda

    I wish I was beside you too…:( I always hear your glorious laugh when I watch our favorite shows. It makes me happy for the memory and sad because I miss you so much. You are and always will be the first person I call to laugh with, cry with or simply hear your voice. I love you.
    1.2.3 (hand squeezes!)

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