Remembering Today…

In memory of everyone who was lost in the September 11th terrorist attacks, and for those who lost their loved ones — you will never be forgotten!


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One response to “Remembering Today…

  1. Lovely…thank you.

    It was a hell of a day.

    I live in Houston. It’s less than 48 hours before a HUGE storm makes landfall and it has this berg in it’s crosshairs.

    I think Houston could be in store for it’s own version of 9/11. This attack is from nature–far less insidious in that regard and not propelled by hate, but in many ways, just as destructive.

    I think from this point on, people will look at cataclysmic events in their lives and think of them as personal September 11ths. I hate that the date might become cliche, but are any two other words when put together can force the collective consciousness of this country…hell, of the world, for that matter and NOT elicit fear, pain, devastating and abject sadness?

    The words have power. I hope they always will.

    Never forget.


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