Funky Tie-Dyed Yoga

I have had several readers ask me to continue sharing my workout plans and fitness tips, so I figured I would fill you in today with a new DVD that I tried this morning.

I kicked off this morning with a 30-minute yoga workout via my new Power Yoga: Strength and Flexibility with Rodney Yee. The DVD is broken into two workouts — strength and flexibility. So, I did the strength section of the DVD.

I liked this workout because it definitely helped me break a sweat, but it was not soooo difficult that the novice yogi could not participate in the workout.

Here’s my question for you: Would you workout next to me in yoga class? These are the funkiest exercise pants I have ever owned, but every time I wear them they make me smile.

After yoga, I went for a run, and I really had to take it slow. I was hurtin’  from a couple days of tough exercise, so I just decided not to push it and move slowly, focusing on my foot movements and swinging my arms. I ran 3.6 miles in 32 minutes which is about 9-minute miles. It felt good to get outside and enjoy the fall weather. Autumn is my favorite season . . . not too cool and not too hot! Just right. (;

But, given the looming winter weather, I am curious: What is your favorite way to stay fit in chilly conditions? Share them here, and I will lend you a few pointers tomorrow!

P.S. Happy Birthday, Lisa! I just love you.



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6 responses to “Funky Tie-Dyed Yoga

  1. Lisa

    Thank you Caroline….I have had the best birthday in 47 years…Its all due to Matt!!!!

  2. Kelley

    Thanks for the dvd tip! I’m looking into trying some yoga dvd’s. I’m a novice, and ever since my back injury (kickboxing was the culprit) I haven’t stretched as much as I need to. My muscles are now acting like they are 75!

    PS: Wish I had some pants like those. ;o)

  3. Heidi

    Thanks for the dvd tip. I’ve been getting into heated yoga or, as I like to call it, yoga in a sauna. I’ve been taking classes at Amazing Yoga in Pittsburgh and it is one of the most incredible workouts.

    Still, when I can’t make it to class, I’d like something I can do on my mat at home. That’s how I’ve been working out in chillier weather.

    Take Care and I miss you. Keep checking your mailbox!

  4. Amanda

    I would love to work out next to you at a yoga class! 🙂 I still like to tough out the cold in the winter and go for a run…but, swimming (indoor of course!)is a great indoor exercise for winter!

  5. Mom

    When I look at you sitting there looking…oh so dear…it makes me miss you even more. I guess under the circumstances I wouldn’t mind taking a yoga class next to those pants ; ) !! Under normal circumstances (me actually getting to see you more often) I may have to smile at you from WAY across the room!! : ) xoxo

  6. Kelley: Yeah, it’s a great DVD — let me know what you think if you check it out. And if you want some funky pants, check out these two at Zen Short and Malibu Boogies. They don’t carry mine anymore, but these two are wild!!

    Don’t you just love Amazing Yoga?! They have the best classes. When I lived in Pittsburgh, I took their classes and I would always come out of there drenched!
    Amanda: Swimming is a great workout … I am looking forward to it this winter.
    Mom: Gee, thanks! (;

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