I Love My . . .

Today is Love Your Body Day, a campaign by the National Organization for Women Foundation that focuses on helping women to love what they see when they look in the mirror.

This may seem like a tough concept for some of us.  I mean, I know some people who truly do love their reflection (you know you are), and I consider them to be lucky guys and gals. I, essentially, know that I need to be thankful for my body — my legs and arms, mostly 20/20 eyes (except for those darn readong glasses) and good health.

But sometimes, when I look into the mirror, — and I don’t think I am alone — it is easy to get carried away with picking at my body. “I wish I could just change this a little” or “If only this was a bit tighter, then …”

It’s stupid, but inevitable.

Or is it? Perhaps, it is possible for us to lean on positive messages like the ones put forth by the Love Your Body campaign and, instead, focus on the positive aspects of our body.

Lets try it. Today, I am thankful for my long legs. People ask me all the time if I am a dancer and, hey, I’ll take that as a compliment.

What about you?



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2 responses to “I Love My . . .

  1. Amanda

    I am thankful for my legs because they help me run! 🙂

  2. Kelley

    I’m thankful for my high cheekbones. They allow me to be the soprano that I am!

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