Yes, We Did.

“I don’t want to pit Red America against Blue America. I want to be President of the United States of America.” — Barack Obama, speech, Nov. 10, 2007

Well, now, you are, so lets do it, baby!!

If you missed his magnetic, empowering, historic, absolutely fabulous speech last night, then here it is again:




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15 responses to “Yes, We Did.

  1. Let’s hope his words — this time — are true, and he can actually back his talk — this time — with the walk. Let’s hope…

  2. LovelyJane

    I am so proud to be a part of this United States — more than ever. This is historic, hopeful and the change we needed. YES WE CAN!

  3. Amanda

    Love love LOVE him. I am so excited to watch what he will do…I am so glad I was a part of it! Here’s to the next four, awesome years!!!

    He Baracks my world!!!!!

  4. And if he proves to be as incompetent as Bush?

  5. Jen21

    He won’t.

    Have some faith!!

    Plus, no one else is that incompetent.

  6. Jen21,

    There are plenty out there as incompetent and more, don’t kid yourself. You can’t guarantee Obama will do any better, you can only “hope”. So, back to my original question: And if he proves to be as incompetent as Bush?

  7. LOUDelf: I am not really sure what you are getting at.

    If we lean too much on the “what ifs,” then we will never be able to progress forward.

    He may prove incompetent and he may not. That is not what I expect, but I am also trying to be fair. Still, seeing as how he has yet to prove himself as incompetent, there is no reason to misjudge until an indication of incompetence presents itself.

    Barack Obama thus far has proven to be a competent, intelligent and educated leader. And because he is our President-elect it is time to stand behind him. It is simply un-American to do otherwise.

    No matter the candidate you chose, he is the one who was chosen. Of course, there might be some naivete involved, but it is nice — and necessary — to see America moving forward on a hopeful note. Sometimes that is the simple push that people need to begin making a difference.

    You might scoff at “hope,” but right now that is what America is — hopeful. And that is surely a nice change.

  8. Barack Lover

    🙂 So true. Nicely put Caroline. “What ifs” are surely not the way to live. And as my man said, “There has never been anything false about hope.” So, hope on my friends!

  9. Caroline,

    What I am getting at is all of the excitement: It’s frankly silly. We have yet to see Obama accomplish anything on a national political stage, so getting out the pompoms for him is quite premature. The one established thing about him is charisma, and he’s got a boatload. But beyond that, it remains to be seen what he’s capable of.

    Yes, I scoff at hope. Hope is relying on factors outside your control to fashion your destiny — it’s like being in a raging river, pulling your knees to your chest, and asking the river to safely carry you to a sandy riverbank. I’m a pragmatist, who believes we are the only ones who can truly improve our destiny.

    My “hope” is that Obama can do a better job than Bush… it doesn’t seem that anyone could be worse (although possible). But you won’t see me waiving the pompoms, until he’s actually accomplished something.

  10. LOUDelf:

    I am not going to engage in a war of viewpoints with you because, clearly, we come from different sides — and that’s OK. I think hope is necessary in order to have the faith we need to move forward; you do not.

    Hope is a necessity because, like you said, Obama has not had sufficient time to prove himself as a president. Therefore, that is what we have to bank on for now — the hope that this man will bring with him a great change.

    You say, “I’m a pragmatist, who believes we are the only ones who can truly improve our destiny.” I 100 percent agree. But we are not talking about MY or YOUR destiny. We are speaking of the great United States of America — millions of people’s destinies. Like it or not, we do have a president who helps to make huge decisions for our country, and who we must “hope” will affect our destinies in a beneficial manner.

    Hey, LOUDelf, I want to thank you for opening a constructively critical forum. That is what these blogs are for, and I truly do thank you for that. You are open-minded in the sense that you obviously disagree with Bush’s presidency, but you are also willing to challenge democratic beliefs. You are intelligent and educated with your responses, and your words make me think — I like that.

    I say save your pompoms, but keep ’em close. I am hopeful we’ll have something to cheer for soon. (;

  11. P.S. LOUDelf … I like your LOUDelf Manifesto. Well played.

  12. Caroline,

    You are one of the few people that sees me pretty clearly. I’m often called neo-con in one blog, and liberal in another. I’m often accused of being a Democrat one day, and a Republican the next. The truth is, I am none of the above. I am a realist, who believes in my own values.

    I am quite critical of Bush, but have been almost as critical of Obama. My fears are that, like Bush, Obama will divide, not unite. Like Bush, Obama is inexperienced, and will have to rely on others to shape his presidency, which again scares me.

    I agree that the presidency works with millions of destinies… but that’s only if they let him. Aside from taxes, I really don’t see this president affecting my destiny greatly, as I’ve always had to make my own as mine was not too bright when I was a little elf. I prefer to lead, and not be led. And as a businessperson, I’ve never seen businesses put ‘hope’ into a business plan or a success model… only a marketing pitch. That’s why ‘hope’ scares me, is I believe America has just bought the biggest infomercial product, and will be sorely dissapointed with its performance… I SERIOUSLY ‘hope’ I’m wrong. I seriously do.

  13. LOUDelf:

    It sounds like, perhaps, we see more eye-to-eye than we originally thought.

    You know what? I think it is good to know there are some bi-partisan thinkers still out there. I was raised to believe what I believe. Period. Definition of a political party non-required.

    “Hope” is so freaking scary. Like you (kind of) said, “THAT’S what your giving me?!” Yikes. Unfortunately, however, thanks to our soon-to-be-leaving administration, that’s what we are left with. Gee, thanks.

    This nation needs take-charge people — more leaders than just the President of the United States. And a great president knows that. I think Obama is smart enough to surround himself with the right people.

    But the hope is that the American people are smart enough to realize that we don’t have to sit back and wait for change. We can change each of our individual worlds, too. And, hopefully, this presidential choice is just the first step.

  14. Caroline,

    Thanks for the compliment on the manifesto. I had a little fun with the beginning part anyway. It’s a work-in-progress, and hopefully, now that the election’s over, I can use a little more humor in my blog.

    I truly hope Obama turns out to be the opposite of what I fear he will be. I do feel that George W. Bush screwed up EVERYTHING he did in office (I’m honestly grasping to find something he did right), and that may have caused the GOP permanent damage (no tears here, I’m not a registered member of a political party), including allowing someone with almost no experience to beat out by all accounts a much more experienced competitor, with a respectable record of bi-partisanship and moderation, who has sacrificed more than almost anyone else for his country. But you know what? The GOP blindly supported GW for most of his term, and that’s what they get. I’d like to see them return to the GOP of 30 years ago… same with the Democrats.

    Caroline, thanks again for the chat. I like people who can be level-headed despite differences, and don’t have to resort to name-calling and insults to prove a point. You definitely convey yours with clarity and intelligence, and what is more impressive is, it seems your strength is not even in politics, but an unrelated topic such as health. Kudos.

    If I might shamelessly plug a contributor on my blog, who is on the supplement and excersize end of your field, his name is Will Brink, and you can find his site at . He’s very grounded, and yet also can be hysterical. You might find his info an blog interesting.

  15. Hey, LOUDelf … thanks for your kind words as well. I, too, am always happy to speak with an intelligent, level-headed person. Everyone has something to offer.

    I am definitely going to check out Will Brink’s site .. sounds fun!

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