It’s A Good Time to Be a Quitter.

smoking1Today may seem like a regular ‘ol Thursday, but it’s a rather important one in that it marks the “celebration” of the Great American Smoke Out. No one is judging you, — we all have our vices — but this is your chance to commit to living a healthier life. What better time than now?!

The Great American Smoke Out is a national campaign that urges smokers to quit smoking for just one day. The purpose is, of course, to help smokers quit forever, starting on a path toward better habits and a smoke-free life.

This is a cause that is especially important to me for a number of reasons. Both of my grandfathers smoked and died at a much younger age than necessary. Who’s to say whether or not smoking was the direct cause? Not I, but I can tell you this much — it didn’t help.

I also like the idea of giving smoking the boot because, admittedly so, I have always been drawn to the idea of smoking. Don’t get me wrong: I know better than to pick up those babies because I would be rabidly addicted. And I know it’s a nasty habit. But the tendency is there and I would like to see it go buh-bye altogether.

What’s your take on the Great American Smoke Out? Do you think it’s effective? Are you a smoker? Have you ever lost someone as a result of the effects of smoking?


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