Buy a Gift and Do Some Good!

lb_feed_200802_wfp-rein_skulleruddsc_2186When I am buying a holiday gift for someone, I am always looking for a way that it can be meaningful or creative. Now, of course there are some times that an occasion just calls for a practical gift — if the man needs pants, then get him pants!

But here is a good one for you — this gift is not only meaningful, but it benefits 100 children who cannot afford to eat every day. What is it? The FEED Bag! By spending just $30.00 you will be purchasing a gift that provides 100 school lunches for children in Rwanda.

Pretty amazing, huh? First of all, it’s almost unfathomable that a mere $30 can feed 100 children. It makes you wonder about the ways in which we can sometimes be so glutonous when it comes to needing more and more food.

And it’s also so cool because not only is it a cool gift for someone, — it is such a sturdy bag! — but you and your gift-ee can feel good about the present because it is helping other people in the process.

I love my FEED bag, and Dan and I have already purchased them as gifts for other people. His sister and mine both adore theirs!

You can also purchase the bag at your local Whole Foods store. And, hey, don’t forget to sneak a peak at the FEED One bag.


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