Hello, Lovely, Fabulous Readers …

So, it’s the holidays already, huh?

I know so many of us say this every year, but how the heck did it get here so fast?

Anyway, as you can tell by the looks of Eat, Pray, Run, I have not been doing a fantastic job at keeping it updated. And just like the holiday arrival, I don’t know where time has gone and how I missed so many days of writing to my lovely blog readers.

As promised (more than a week ago), Dan will be guest blogging soon, so we can get that fantastic tofu recipe to you. It really is as yummy as it looks. And in the days to come, you will be seeing lots more from me — promise.

For now, my friends, I have loads of preparing for Christmas and Hanukkah to do, so I am going to get my heiny moving.

In the meantime, enjoy this piece I wrote about my new love — the Nintendo Wii. Who would have ever thought I could be so enamored with a video game? Oh, how I love you, Wii bowling.

Happy Holidays to each and every one of you.


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