THAT Girl’s Fuzzy Legs

I’m not too shabby of a girl.

I can make a nice appearance, and (I think) I have pretty good taste in clothes, fashion and things of the sort.

But I know for sure that I’m never going to be “that girl.”

You know the chica I am speaking of — that girl who just looks like she has her whole act together. Her hair is perfectly groomed, sleek and shiny; it even smells really good, but not too good.

Her nails are manicured and her jeans fit her ass like they do store mannequin’s — a little snug, but with just enough room below her butt cheeks to make those jeans look dang good.

“That girl” wears the perfect earrings, heeled-shoes with grace, a cinched coat that emphasizes her teeny waste, just enough makeup to give her a glow, and perfume that makes you want to run out and buy whatever scent she is wearing with hope in your heart that it will make you appear just as cool and collected.

I am not that girl.

I typically get ready in twenty minutes. If I am lucky, I slap on some tinted moisturizer and blush, and when I am feeling extra special, a bit of mascara. Of course if I get to wear mascara, it usually ends up running down my face because my allergies are so bad that my eyes tear every five seconds.

I often pull my hair in a ponytail or headband, wear flat shoes with dirty spots all over them and my favorite pair of jeans that fit my butt too tight because I had seconds of dinner the night before.

I forget to wear earrings, I am often called “cute” and I use excuses like, “Oh, I am not shaving my legs because I need a little extra coverage for winter” — even if it is the dead of summer.

I am THAT girl.

I have tried being the other girl. I have even seen that girl and made a declaration right there and then that I am going to try to be more like that.

But my efforts usually fall through the cracks within a 24-hour time period. And it’s not because I don’t care — I do! But it is just that something else seems more important. For example, I will choose an extra hour of writing over my clothes being ironed or I will give up pretty pink nails for spending time with my family.

But maybe that’s OK.

I am not saying that being that girl means giving up other important things, like time with friends or a solid career. Perhaps, they really do have all of that figured out, too.

But it just doesn’t work for me. I have not been quite able to figure out the best of both worlds.

So, I meet in the middle.

Some days I will take a bit of extra time to splurge and wear a bit of eyeshadow. But that also probably means my hair will go undone or my shoes will be less-than-perfectly polished.

It’s funny — sometimes I actually shower and do my hair before my fiance, Dan, gets home from work, and he will walk in and say, “Why are you looking so nice?”

Meanwhile, all I did was give myself a good rinse, and I am sitting there with no makeup, wearing a sweater and jeans.

If that is “looking so nice,” can you imagine how bad anything less is?

But it does make me feel good to know I actually tried to channel a bit of “that girl.” And really, when it comes right down to it, I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Because I’ll take spotted shoes and a ponytail any day, if it means extra time to write down my thoughts or a few moments to read a book.

And “that girl”? Well, hopefully, writing about you will feel almost as good as being like you.

Because, girl, these hairy legs aren’t going anywhere.

Two of my favorite accessories: food and a hat!



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17 responses to “THAT Girl’s Fuzzy Legs

  1. Mommy

    Now see, when I look at you in that hat looking all too chic, I want to be “that girl”!! That pizza looks amazing!!

  2. Lisa Stahl

    I want to be “that girl”……you know me, I love all the matching clothes, nails done perfectly….but I am not like that anymore…I don’t know where she went. I like the kind of girl you are and I’ll bet you are happier than the ones that look like they have it all together. I love reading your blog too at the end of my day….thanks for your thoughts.

  3. Amanda

    I love the hat! And that pizza looks delicious! Anthony says it is bigger than your face! Where did you get it? I want some! Anyways….you are beautiful. True beauty is being able to look GREAT in only 20 minutes! If you need two hours…you are not so beautiful anyway! 🙂 Trust me you are the girl that people look at and think…”why does she look so put together/happy/gorgeous?!” 🙂 I love you.


  4. Amanda

    ok…I don’t know who is dumber….me or Anthony. Ummm……Anthony!! So…I’m using his computer and I guess he posted and HIS name was in the name section! Whoops! I love you


  5. I fixed it so that it says your name. By the way, you are both dumb. (: Kidding, kidding … I love you.

  6. Aunt Cathy

    Perfectly you!! I honestly don’t believe you can ever be a perfect “That Girl” – something is usually missing. Let me know if you find one – it’s sure to be a best seller. Loved the article – keep up the great work!!!!

  7. Godmother

    Absolutely loved Amanda’s analogy – it make all us 20 minute people beautiful “That Girl’s”!!!!

  8. By the way, Anthony and Amanda, the pizza is from Ray’s Pizza in NEW YORK CITY, baby! More of a reason for hillbilly Anthony to go visit the Big Apple … ha, ha! (: Oh, and it really was as big as my face!

  9. Amanda

    Haha…yes….Anthony needs to do some exploring! 🙂

  10. shawna &uncle tim

    Am i doing this right? I’m clueless. I never knew you were “that girl”, I always thought you were “that girl”. You have it all, you get ready in 20 min., and look like you got ready in 2 hours. Best of both worlds.

  11. Hi Caroline Shannon,
    The topic you have chosen Is really amazing and I am reading your posts since long …but this is really something exceptional . I like the way you are writing … Its really awesome ..I hope to see some new more and encouraging posts from you .
    Thanks .

  12. Exercise regimes — Thank you for your kind words! I am glad you are enjoying reading. It is such a pleasure to here from all of my readers. Keep reading, and let me know what you think! Enjoy. (:

  13. That does it. We’re just going to have to break up. I never knew you were THAT girl…

  14. Aha, ha, ha, LOUDelf! You are so funny. Yes, yes … unless you like the feeling of sometimes spiky legs, we just might have to call it off. (-;

  15. Yes, call it off. I want my records back, little white tights, and elf knickers. You can keep the toothbrush.

    I just wanted you to know that I fake it every time, and was thinking of Tinkerbell anyway.

  16. Yeah, well, while you were feeling oh-so-dreamy about Tink, I was thinking of the big guy up North. His red suit just really trumps your white tights and little elf booties.

    You can keep all of my bathroom products because, clearly, I’m not using those. Now, do you want your Britney Spears’ Greatest Hits record back, too? I know it’s your favorite.

  17. This just in — Santa’s getting bailout money, and may fold anyway. We’ll see if he trumps the ‘elf. You’ll try to get me back, prickle-legs and all, but no matter how much you pull my ears, I’ll say no… until you shave.

    Remember, I’m only an elf, and I only come up to your kneecaps. Hairy legs might poke my little eyes out.

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