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georgewbrolinbigIs it weird that I just watched “W” (a satirical movie about George W. Bush directed by Oliver Stone) and actually had sympathy for the guy? Not sympathy in a oh-you-and-your-administration-are-responsible-for-the-current-state-of our-economy-(a dismal one)-a-misdirected-war-politics-in-its-most-despicable-form-and-I-could-go-on-and-on kind of way. Deep breaths, deep breaths.

But, instead, in a, gee-that-guy-could-of-used-a-hug-from-daddy kind of way.

Reason #8,480 why George W. Bush should have never been president: He had a bone to pick with daddy-o.



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Welcome, Mr. President. We’ve Been Waiting.

presidential-campaign-shirts-barack-obama-rainbow-portrait-t-shirt“Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.” — Maria Robinson
Congratulations to President Barack Obama. We are not expecting miracles, but we are looking forward to a new ending.

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It’s OK to Have a Mixed Herd …

“Collective fear stimulates herd instinct, and tends to produce ferocity toward those who are not regarded as members of the herd.” Bertrand Russell

During a time in which we have elected a black president, — a monumentous event in our history — it is hard to believe that we can still move forward with such ignorance. It is a staggering reality, however, that we continue to deal with prejudice in several forms throughout this great country, and Propsition 8 is a perfect example of such unawareness. theweddingparty

I am not hear to ask you to change your core beliefs, but, instead, to ask you to move forward with an educated basis on which to base your arguments. An open heart would be nice, too.

Please check out one cause of which I am particularly fond, The Wedding Party, created by Executive Director Anthony M. Brown. This nonprofit organization supports and celebrates same-sex marriages.

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How Far We’ve Come …


And something to smile about ….

For will.i.am’s new song, “It’s a New Day,” check it out at i-Tunes. He created the first video above.

Have a great weekend!


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Yes, We Did.

“I don’t want to pit Red America against Blue America. I want to be President of the United States of America.” — Barack Obama, speech, Nov. 10, 2007

Well, now, you are, so lets do it, baby!!

If you missed his magnetic, empowering, historic, absolutely fabulous speech last night, then here it is again:



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Today Is THE Day…

rockthevoteElection Day 2008: What an exciting time to be a part of history!

Get out there today and Rock the Vote!! No matter which candidate you choose, keep in mind that every single vote counts  — and that means yours does, too!

Have a great time making your mark on this beautiful day!

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Yom Kippur and Barack — What a Day!!

First off, Happy Yom Kippur! I am celebrating the holiday today with my Jewish fiancé, Dan, and we are looking very forward to eating a fabulous dinner when we break fast tonight. Much Jewish love to all of you!

Big news: After services this morning, I trekked it over to the Dayton Dragon’s Fifth Third Field to see none other than BARACK OBAMA!! Oh-my-freaking-gosh, it was so exciting. He is absolutely magnetic. I managed to squeeze down to where I was just three rows from the main crowd — so cool! Here are some pictures to get you hyped up. Ignore the baseball net … I wish I could have worked my way around it.

Lemme tell you … there is nothing more exciting for a political junkie like me than being thisclose to the future president of the United States.

I will be posting some videos tomorrow. For now enjoy the photos, and if you are Jewish, your yummy dinner!

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