Organic for the Cheapos — Like Me!

apple.jpg I am always looking for a bargain. And when it comes to food, I would totally love to be able to eat organic and keep it on the cheap side. I mean, who wouldn’t? It’s better for you, it’s better for the earth — it’s a good deal all the way around.

But, unfortunately, organic food can be pricey and I don’t have the dough to always be buying produce of the luxurious kind.

So, you can imagine I was totally psyched when I saw an article on MSN this morning that talked about the Top 12 Foods to Eat Organic.

According to the article, the Top 12 Foods are as follows:

  • Beef – According to the Environmental Protection Agency, meat contains higher levels of pesticides than any plant foods.
  • Milk – Hormones, antibiotics, ewww!
  • Coffee – Buy Fair Trade beans which ensures that no pesticides and chemicals were used, and that farm workers were treated fairly.
  • Peaches – Forty-five different pesticides are used on these babies!
  • Apples – Organic apples are chemical free, and taste sweeter. — Yum!
  • Green Peppers – One of the most heavily sprayed veggies.
  • Celery – This green vegetable does not even have a skin to protect it from chemicals.
  • Strawberries – FIVE HUNDRED pesticides are used per acre of this fruit crop — need I say more?!
  • Lettuce – This leafy green is contaminated with what are considered the most powerful pesticides used on food.
  • Grapes – The fruit’s skin is so thin that even washing and peeling will not eliminate the pesticides that seep into grapes.
  • Potatoes – Idaho’s best are ranked the highest for pesticide residue.
  • Tomatoes – Chemicals will eventually saturate the whole tomato, again, because of the fruit’s thin skin.

This article really made me think, and I feel a bit better knowing my options. Unfortunately, at this point in my life everything I put into my body is not going to be organic; it just does not help to balance my checkbook! But if I can eliminate from my diet some of the very obvious sources of chemicals and not break the bank, then I will be happy with that for now.

So, do you think double-fudge, chocolate ice cream is organic, too?





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4 responses to “Organic for the Cheapos — Like Me!

  1. Amanda

    That’s great! I too can not afford to eat totally organic, but I definitely will be more careful with these 12! I love you. xoxo
    P.S. I’d say the chocolate ice cream is not organic! Sorry 😦


  2. abstractionreaction

    Thanks for posting this. I am attending an organic conference tomorrow and look forward to comparing what they have to say to this article. And yes, my local grocery store does have an organic chocolate ice cream – President’s Choice!

  3. Abstractionreaction — I am so glad I could help! I have been learning so much about organic foods and locally-grown produce, and I just thought this was so interesting. That conference should be fun! Oh, and thanks for the chocolate ice cream suggestion — that is awesome!!

  4. Mommy

    Love your hot double-fudge chocolate ice cream comment!!! I will keep this in mind the next time I shop…just sent chemically loaded celery in daddy’s lunch this morning thinking I was doing his body good!!! EWWWW!!! Your blog has been very helpful …I’m learning alot!!

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