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Would You Remember a Love “Forgotten”?

eternal_sunshine“How happy is the blameless Vestal’s lot!
The world forgetting, by the world forgot.
Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind!
Each pray’r accepted, and each wish resign’d.” — Alexander Pope, “Eloisa to Abelard”

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Quiet Noise.



that’s all there is …

just listen.

it’s quiet.

so loud.


i can’t stop you.

i can’t help you.

here’s my hand.

that’s the best i can do.

just listen. 

it’s there.

it’s there, my friend.

i won’t shove you.

i won’t hold you back.

just listen.

here’s my hand.

it’s gentle,

but firm.

that’s all I have to offer my friend.

don’t hold so tight.

don’t run away.

just listen.

i’m beside you,

holding on,

but letting go.

wiping your tears.

telling you to get a grip.



here’s my hand.

that’s the best i can do.

just listen.


©CMS November 2008

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Close But Faraway

If we are hundreds of miles apart,

can you still feel me squeeze your hand

three times?

I. Love. You.

And if we are not sitting

face to face,

will you still know

that I cry when I miss you?

My heart hurts.

Can you hear me laughing,

when I watch our favorite show?

I wish you were beside me.

Will I still be the first person

you call,

even though the phone line stretches

much farther now?

I want to hear

your voice.

©CMS September 2008


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Far From Home

If life was easy,

then I would be a flower

and if

I was a flower,

then I would have to deal

with rain.

But maybe if

I let the rain trickle down my


then these tears would dry

and I could grow


©CMS August 2008


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Why Prince Charming Will Not Be Saving My Life …

path1.jpg Taking the path less traveled never seems easy at the start. It is tough to shut out the naysayers, put on a brave face and continue forward. However, that path is also one that, when intended for your feet, will become more and more comfortable as you tread along.

I was reading through a book yesterday titled Living Yoga: Creating a Life Practice by Christy Turlington, when I stumbled across the following poem by Pulitzer Prize Winning Poet Mary Oliver:

The Journey


This poem honestly took my breath away. Not only is it so beautifully and stylistically written, but I could not help feeling like someone had placed it right there in my life, especially for me.

Thus far during my journey to discover what it is that I want from my life, I have had so very many encounters with the voice of “reason” — that little voice telling me that this path is much more difficult than the one I was previously walking. Heck, my own voice falls into the mix more than I care to say!

But here is the thing: Would such an endeavor be called a journey if it did not cause one to put up a fight for the great adventure that lie ahead? Not a single hero ever went about saving a life without shedding a bit of sweat. Imagine if Prince Charming never had to chase down Cinderella and fight off her evil step family. Nothing about their tale would be a journey, but, instead, an ordinary, everyday love affair.

So, what makes any of us think that our lives deserve any less luster; any less of an adventure-packed, fight off a few dragons, fairytale ending?!

We all should be embarking on the road that feels the most well-suited beneath our feet. Yes, there are bound to be a few pebbles that get stuck in our shoes. But wouldn’t you rather bend over, remove them, and continue on, than live your life knowing that you never put on your walking shoes at all?

I would. And reading this poem helps me to remember the reason why I ever sought to begin on this journey at all. I am determined to save the only one life that I am abolutely positive how to go about rescuing . . .

My very own.


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