georgewbrolinbigIs it weird that I just watched “W” (a satirical movie about George W. Bush directed by Oliver Stone) and actually had sympathy for the guy? Not sympathy in a oh-you-and-your-administration-are-responsible-for-the-current-state-of our-economy-(a dismal one)-a-misdirected-war-politics-in-its-most-despicable-form-and-I-could-go-on-and-on kind of way. Deep breaths, deep breaths.

But, instead, in a, gee-that-guy-could-of-used-a-hug-from-daddy kind of way.

Reason #8,480 why George W. Bush should have never been president: He had a bone to pick with daddy-o.



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3 responses to “Huh?

  1. Laura Lee Bloor

    Is it worth watching? I’ve thought about it, but I inevitably end up picking something else.

  2. Not so much. I mean, you giggle at a few of the Bush-isms and you cringe at the fact that this man was actually our president, but it was pretty much all of the stuff we already know. And as for the things we did not know, it’s tough to know what’s hearsay and what actually happened. (For example, should we feel bad about his relationship with daddy?) About half way through I was wishing I would have skipped it.

  3. aunt Shawna

    tell me more about his relationship with his father. Was Daddy an ass?

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